We aims rational application of materials nanostructuring towards the innovation in key energy and environmental technologies, including nanoelectronic sensors, catalysis, gas/liquid filteration, solar water splitting, organic/hybrid photovoltaics.

Our experimental strength is centered on atomic layer deposition and its derivative methodologies such as infiltration synthesis. Combining the polymer nanopatterning based on electron beam lithography and block copolymer self-assembly, we generate unique nanostructures and organic-inorganic hybrids with various functional applications.

Projects under progress:

  • Application of infiltration synthesis for nanoelectronic sensors: Fully CMOS-compatible synthesis and integration of ultrathin metal oxide nanowire arrays into nanoelectronic sensor platforms via infiltration synthesis.

  • Self-assembled electro-active metal oxide nanomesh structures: Combining block copolymer self-assembly and infiltration synthesis to generate optoelectrically active metal oxide nanomesh structures.

  • Hybrid polymer nanocomposite with unique material functionalities: Infiltration synthesis of metal-oxide-infiltrated hybrid nanocomposite thin film and patterned structures with ehanced materials properties for gas/liquid separation membranes, MEMS/NEMS components, sensors, and electronic devices. 

  • Efficient heterogeneous oxidation catalyts: Development of ALD methodologies for the synthesis of efficient heterogeneous oxidation catalysts for fuel cells, exhaust after-treatment devices, and chemical sensors. 

  • Organic-semiconductor-based solar water splitting: Exploring the application organic semiconductor thin films for efficient direct photoelectrochemical visible solar water splitting. 

  • Fundamentals in organic/hybrid photovolatics and 2D semiconductors: Development and investigation of new device concepts and fundamental properties in organic/hybrid solar cells and 2D semiconductors, including: a. Energy transfer in ultrathin  Si photovolatics; b. Phase separation and charge transports in ternary blend organic solar cells; c. Optoelectronic properties of 2D semiconductors; d. Degradation mechanisms in hybrid perovskite solar cells.