We aims rational application of nanofabrication and nanostructuring to create hierarchically structured functional organic/inorganic semiconductor nanosructures and associated device architectures for efficient renewable energy device applications.

Our experimental strength and expertise are centered on the synthesis of semiconductor nanowires, fabrication of functional energy and electronic devices and their opto-electrical device characterization.  Also actively pursued is development of non-conventional nanofabrication utilizing atomic layer deposition and self-assembled block copolymers.

Following are projects currently being tackled:

  • Application of resonant energy transfer for efficient ultrathin Si solar cells: Development of efficient ultrathin hybrid Si photovolatic devices utilizing resonant energy transfer (in collaboration with Dmytro Nykypanchuk).

  • Identification of new organic/hybrid semiconductors for efficient electronic and photovolatic device applications: Investigation of new conjugated organic semiconductors and organic/inorganic hybrid perovskites for photovoltaic device application (in collaboration with Barney Grubbs).

  • Charge transport in organic solar cells: Investigation of fundamental charge transport properties in organic semiconductors and their correlation to photovolatic parameters in organic solar cells. 

  • Application of infiltration synthesis for nanopatterning metal oxide semiconductors: Development of site-specific infiltration synthesis of metal oxide semiconductors utilizing atomic layer deposition and nanopatterned polymer templates (in collaboration with Aaron Stein).

  • Vertical semiconductor nanowire array synthesis and its application: Investigation of fundamental growth mechanism in metal oxide and semiconductor nanowires for electronic and energy device applications.